Thursday, April 30, 2009

Twenty Things Thursday

1. Went to a fashion show on Sunday – won three things including the grand prize which was a Chocolate Pearl Necklace with matching bracelet from Allison Love’s Jewelry valued at $300.
2. Asa was Terrific Kid at School for Month of April – had ceremony yesterday.
3. Seeing my wonderful family on Wednesday for another family dinner and a walk in the park.
4. Got the cookbook Hungry-Girl 200 under 200 and have been using it all week!
5. Lost 3 pounds!
6. Read about this cool Twenty Things Thursday on my swap partners blog. Thanks Janna!
7. Sold a necklace to my awesome swap partner Janna!
8. Discovered a new snack which I love – Laughing Cow Light Swiss cheese with pretzels for dipping….YUM!
9. Finally had some time to make some new jewelry pieces.
10. Climbed a GIANT hill at the park yesterday with my whole family and my dog.
11. Eating under 1000 calories three days in a row
12. Talked with my son’s teacher this morning – she told me “He is so far ahead” – really makes you proud, and this was his Gifted and Talented teacher!
13. Enjoying watching my little girl learn to walk on her hands and do hand stands – I remember doing the same thing and doing cartwheels for days in my yard.
14. Skating in the driveway with my kids – LOVE IT!
15. We have some little tomatoes growing in our back yard….this is our first garden. It is a small one just to see if we can do it. If not my Dad has a HUGE one so we will be ok!
16. Got to see both Ms. Hanson’s on Sunday – love them!
17. This is pretty hard thinking of 20 things!
18. Happy that tomorrow is Friday!
19. Found out that I really like Tofu Noodles and they have no calories.
20. Tried Soy Milk – not sure how I like it, its very different. I’m a Whole Milk kind of Gal

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Janna said...

I already know that you and I are going to be great friends!

Great list!