Friday, July 24, 2009

OMG! I saw this on A CUP OF JO and absolutely loved it!

Winner of Ruby Moonstone Necklace Giveaway....

Ok I used Random Integer Generator to pick a winner and the winner is........

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:9
Timestamp: 2009-07-24 18:59:42 UTC

Comment #9 is the winner and that was
Jen at Products of the Day. So Jen if you can email me your name and address I will get this out to you promptly!

Thanks everyone for entering!


The beginning of our treehouse. We are so very excited!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Giveaway

Found another awesome giveaway....this time for a pair of Sanuk flipflops! The foot bed is made of yoga mats. Sounds super comfy! Entering is easy just go here...


Just came across this awesome giveaway for a cute Attitude Fairy necklace. It is so cute! If interested you can enter here....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today has totally sucked!! I made a colossal mistake and left my back window down in my SUV. Of course it rained forever last night with lightening and thunder. This morning when I went out to my car I saw my window down and immediately thought "Oh No - someone has tried to break into my car". Then I looked and saw no glass and I thought - no dummy you left your window down. So I start up my car because of course I am running late to work - as usual. When I start it up there are two lights on. One is the check engine light and the other is the VSC light. So at this point I am have really done it now. And with my light bit of car knowledge thinking to myself how the heck could me leaving my window down and the car getting rained in have anything to do with my engine. So I call my husband who of course yells at me and says he is to mad to even talk to me because he told me to make sure my windows were up the night before. I get to work and look up the codes which all say "Take to Toyota Dealership". So on my lunch break I went and had the code read and it said "Tire Speed Sensor" I guess one of them is possibly bad. So they reset the codes and I am waiting to see if that comes back on. BUT so the big thing that happened is that the window that was left down is the window behind the driver and right below the drivers seat is the VOICE RECOGNITION AND NAVIGATION BOX and now my navigation does not work. I am very sad about this! The warranty is for 3 years or 36 thousand miles and I am out of both. My mileage reads 36,941. Can you believe that? So $1500 for a new navigation system or $200-400 for a rebuilt one. Guess I will be saving up my money for a rebuilt one.
On a better note - my giveaway is still going on until 7/23/09 and you can still enter below!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

JPR as Katara

So my little one and I had quite a time last night. She wanted me to help her find a dress and fix her hair so that she would look like Katara, a water bender from Avatar. So after many wrong dresses and scarfs, and a couple of crying spells, I think we got least what made her happy! We wrapped her up and straightened her hair and here she is. Cute as she can be!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jewelry Giveaway

In Celebration of reaching 100 Sales on Etsy I am having a giveaway.

The prize……is a cobalt fire ruby moonstone and sterling silver necklace. Very simple, very dainty with a gorgeous pink color. Perfect for summer!

To enter the giveaway…..

♥ Go to Mrsfatface – pick out your favorite item and come back here and tell me what it is and post the link – 1 entry

For extra entries…
♥ Blog about my giveaway and come back here and post link – 1 extra entry
♥ Twitter about my giveaway and come back here and post link – 1 extra entry
♥ Twitter about your favorite item in my shop and come back here and post link – 1 extra entry
♥ Follow my blog and post comment letting me know (if you already follow you can post that) – 1 extra entry
♥ Follow me on twitter and come back here and leave a comment letting me know – 1 extra entry
♥ Become a Facebook Fan of Mrsfatface ( ) and leave comment here letting me know – 1 extra entry
♥ Update your Facebook Wall with a link to an item by Mrsfatface that you love and post a comment here with a link to that facebook post – 1 extra entry

The contest ends on 7/23/09 and the winner will be announced on 7/24/09.

Monday, July 13, 2009

So it is Friend Making Monday and Dandelion Wishes is hosting this week. Her topic for this week is....List 5-10 of your favorite things! These can be things you think everyone must have, a collection of things you have, or some product or miracle invention that has changed your life (yeah I am a little dramatic)'s YOUR list of favorite things! So here are some of my favorites:

My honey!

My kiddo's....they are the coolest I know!

My cool little Vivienne Tam HP Mini - I recently won this on a blog and I am so loving it!

Love reading...just got hooked on the J.D. Robb series. This is the newest one and the one that got me hooked. It was GREAT!

Vitamin Water is definitely one of my favorite things. I do however feel a little let down that I thought when I was drinking the whole bottle that it was only 50 calories until some dear one told me that that is per serving and that there are 2.5 servings in a bottle. I mean come on just be straightforward already! Still love it though.

Love manicures and pretty painted toes.

Love seeing beautiful flowers blooming in my yard.

Love my yearly trip to the beach for a week. It is such a blast. I am a wave rider with or without a raft. Love catching a good wave and going flying to the shore!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Christmas in July Sale

I am having a Christmas in July Sale effective 7-8-09 to 7-22-09. All jewelry items have been marked down 20% or more. I have even reduced items already on sale. I will not be having another sale until November. Here is the link to my shop:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July. Hope everyone has a safe holiday.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009