Friday, April 3, 2009

Origami Jewelry - Paper Displays of Affection

Paper Affection was started on Etsy by Suanne. She is a super talented origami artist. I love her many different creations. She makes earrings, necklaces, ornaments, hair pins all using her paper creations. Suanne was kind enough to answer a couple questions about her craft and how she got started on Etsy.

Tell me a little about yourself, your store and what you sell.
I'm Suanne and I love origami! I'm 22 and I just started my real life job in the big city. I'm an origami artist and I try to make it more practical and sell origami jewelry, hair pins, and ornaments.

How long have you been making the craft/art that you sell? What started your interest in it? How did you learn?
It’s been about 13 years now since that fourth grade class where I made my first crane. I first got into origami because I had this problem with sitting still when I was a kid. I discovered that folding paper helped me concentrate in class while I took notes. This was especially true in college and long lectures and I honestly believe I did better in class when I was folding! I'm mostly self-taught, but I love me a big advanced origami book!

What made you decide to turn your art/craft into a business? What support or inspiration have you had along the way?
As I made more and more origami, I realized that if there wasn't a real use for my models, and they'd all go to waste - and I couldn't let that happen! So I set out to make my origami functional - jewelry was my first thought, and I'm exploring other mediums. After I sold a few pairs on DeviantArt, I realized my idea was good enough to have my own store. Other DeviantArtists have been supportive, especially my friend Mel, who owns

Do you have any other hobbies / interests?
Real Estate (is that weird? That's my day job) I also love photography, New York City, drawing, sculpting, and summer. :) And hugs. I love hugs.

How long have you been selling on Etsy? Do you sell outside of Etsy? If so where?
DeviantArt if people don't want to sign up for Etsy, but thats about it.

What is your favorite way to promote your Etsy store?
Blogs :) I'm in the forums a ton too!

Do you have a blog? If so what is your blog address, and what do you feature / write about?
DeviantArt is kinda like a blog, but more an online portfolio.

Where do you hope to see your business / Etsy store in the future?
I'd like to just keep crafting. Some day I'd love to do a craft show and show off what I can do, maybe have a celebrity wear something hehe. But I craft to make myself happy. No big dreams here :)
What is something that you want to make SURE you do in 2009?
Not get fired from the day job. :)
What is the thing that you are most proud of?
After 5 months meeting my sales goal that I made for 1 year. I'm doing way better than I thought I ever could!
What do you wish you had more time for?
What is your favorite part of the day?
My favorite is Saturday mornings, when I get to photograph what I made that week - all my hard work goes into a pretty picture for everyone to see and I love choosing angles and playing with colors!


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Thanks for the feature! Loving your blog :)

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I love that flower bobby pin!


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It's amazing.
Check out my glass.

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Hey thanks for the article. I used it and I sent it to a friend of mine. You should look at posting it on You can put your articles there, do searches, and it links it to other similar articles. You can link it to your page and it has graphs to show you how many people are reading your stuff and if they are finding it useful.

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