Monday, March 30, 2009

What happened to March...

Ok Seriously, March has been a blur! Both of my children have birthdays in March, they both had the flu, and I am exhausted. My darling little girl turned 6 on the 28th of March. I can not believe how fast they grow. She is very special and dear to me. When she was 4 we got her ears pierced. For some reason it did not work out….they kept getting infected. So for her birthday this year I made her some clip on earrings which she loved. I will post pictures of those later. For her party we had Strawberry Pie and my Mom made Blueberry Yum Yum and boy is it YUM! I had 4 pieces and then fussed at my hubby when he ate the last one while I was out getting groceries! Lucky for me my Mom has another one that she made at her house. Death to my HIPS for sure. Also last night I made Pasta Carbonara off of the Pioneer Woman’s website…..very, very good. You should go check her out.

Here is her website:

And the recipe: Pasta Carbonara

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a fabulous March.

P.S. Went to the nursery yesterday and got some flowers – purple hearts, bleeding hearts plus tomato plants and lots of herbs. I am very excited….this will be our first time growing tomatoes and herbs. My Dad has a huge garden every year so we really don’t need to do this just checking to see if we can. Sometimes we tend to kill things. LOL


Kebi Cedawna said...

That's so nice that you made her some earrings! Handmade gifts are always the best
Good luck with the gardening

thewildhare said...

What a beautiful birthday girl - and what fun with her special earrings!

Alex the Girl said...

What is a blueberry yum? And yes, March blew in all crazy like!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday to your little ones! My oldedt turned 6 on April 1st! Oh how fast the time goes!!
Thanks for your comment on my Butternut aquash!