Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Boy and his Art

So my son's art has been made into a flag and is currently on a light post on main street downtown in our city. I thought I would share this with you all as I am so very proud of him.


Bagladee said...

It looks great, I bet you are so proud!! x

Raven said...

This is just too cute! I just love his art. He is super talented and should be selling on Etsy...Congrats to him! :)


thewildhare said...

This is fabulous! What a great picture from Asa, and what a great picture of Asa and his picture!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

Alex the Girl said...

Awesome picture. You have the right to be proud of him.

Anonymous said...

That has to be the coolest thing ever! How excited were you to be that Mom?! I would have probably pulled anyone within 1500 feet over to have my kid sign an autograph! Way to go to your Boy!
And where is your downtown? It looks picture perfect!
I am popping in from the SITSahood to give you a warm welcome! We are so glad you joined and hope to see you around!

PussDaddy said...

He is very good! Congrats to him!


Jillianmackowiak said...

That is so awesome! Congrats to him, I know when I had been a kid if I had something like that hanging downtown in my city I would have been absolutely stoked. VERY exciting!!

Oh and congrats on being on Etsy's front page this morning!!

Jillian :)