Monday, January 14, 2013

New Beauty Faves

I received a giftcard to Ulta for my birthday.  I purchased the following:

The Cargo Eye Lighter in Gold (it also comes in white but they were out)

This product works well for giving you a more awake look.  It has two sides and you use one to highlight the inner corners of your eyes to make them pop and the other for the outer corners or your lower lash line.  It also works GREAT for highlighting your eyebrows.  Kinda pricey ($20) but one I have wanted to try for quite a while and is indeed a new favorite.  

 The other item I purchased is the Benefit Realness of Concealness Kit.  In this kit you get Lemon-aid - a color correcting eyelid primer, Boi-ing - under eye concealer, Ooh la Lift - used to brighten under eye, Lip Plump - to prime, smooth, and plump lips, and High Beam - used as a highlighter for your face.  I have not used all the items that came with the kit yet but have used the Lemon-aid and the Boi-ing which I love.  Will be trying the others out as soon as I figure out how to use them.

I am currently in need of a good foundation.  I have the MOST difficult time finding a color to match me or I do not like the way the foundation feels on my face.  Any suggestions would be lovely!

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