Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twenty Things Thursday - 5/21/09

1. Went to the skating rink tonight with my kiddos for a school fundraiser and had a blast.
2. Dinner at Moe’s with Tracy, Ashlyn, and Drew

3. Going to see Star Trek tomorrow night
4. Had lunch with my friend Fran yesterday….need to do more often!
5. Got a new book…YAY! Love to read and haven’t gotten a new book in awhile. Thanks Grandma June!
6. Got to go to IKEA….love that store. It was my first time and I can’t wait to go back.
7. Put together stuff for my blog swap package to Janna. Can’t wait to send her my goodies.
8. Learned a new jewelry technique, but ran out of wire so I have not been able to thoroughly practice yet but will soon.
9. Went to Cherry Park on Monday with the Boyscouts and walked around while they biked.
10. Woke up late this morning – kids were late for school….always a great thing.
11. Ate lunch with Asa today – he is my sweetie!
12. Got my hair done by my little one Wednesday while I sat outside and relaxed.
13. Said on my porch swing with a nice glass of hot tea and a nice cool breeze.
14. Got some new flowers planted along the front walk.
15. Checked out my kids art exhibit at their school.
16. Went to Asa’s cello concert… proud of him.
17. Got my doggy a new bed and he loves it.

18. Lots of hugs and kisses and sweet words from my hunny.

19. Got a sale on Etsy
20. Uncle Todd came for a visit.


Alex the Girl said...

I'm wanting to see Star Trek, but I can't find anyone to come with me! My daughter refuses to be seen in a Star Trek theater. Hmphf. Have a good time.

Mrsfatface said...

Oh it was great. Alot different than I expected. You may have to just go by yourself. It is totally worth it!