Friday, January 16, 2009

Fine Silver Hammered Rings

Ok so I have really had a time trying to learn this craft. Asked for all the tools I would need for Christmas. Then went out and bought the ones I did not get because I so desperately wanted to get started. I acquired a book in the beginning of December and read it and read it again. Could not wait for Christmas to come so I could try it out. Finally Christmas had come, I had gotten some tools and was ready to try my hand at fusing fine silver. Followed all the directions precisely. It went as expected.

I had read that it would take lots of practice. Still I was very proud of what I had done. The next day I messed with it a little more and then my torch stopped working correctly. I was very distraught. Refilled it with butane, waited 5 minutes and nothing. I could hardly get it to light and when it did the flame was barely visible. So I waited until it cooled off and tried refilling it again. Same thing happened. So, life happens and I got busy and was not able to fool with it again until last night. Also I guess I should mention that my husband filled it with butane for me. So, last night when I went to light my torch it worked beautifully. I was so excited. I started out by making ball tip headpins. I was very amazed at how well they turned out. Decided I would try again with fusing the fine silver into rings. I have a hard time getting a flush cut even with the Lindstrom pliers…not sure why. So I wrapped my wire around a dowel, made some cuts, sanded the edges and began to fuse the rings. To my surprise they fused beautifully. I proceeded to use up the rest of my wire and hammered my rings. I washed my steel shot and added it to my tumbler. I put my newly fused rings, my first batch of rings, and my headpins in my new tumbler and turned it on. The 30 minute wait time took forever. Of course I had a bazillion things to do, that should have already been done, to take up my time though. After my tumbling time was up I took them out and was so thrilled. To me they, being the newest fused circles, looked perfect. Now if I just had some more wire.

I was not able to capture there beauty or shine, but believe me they sparkle!


Bev said...

Wow they look great..I make sterling silver jewelry but never went as far as to do this...I've wanted to get into make charms, and one day I hope to...I'm into painting right now..Blessings, and you are on your way!!! Bevie

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Hammered jewelry is so hard to get the exact look you want, but so worth all the work when you peg it!

Buffy said...

Thanks for the add on flickr :)

Have now got you on twitter too ;)
I love your blog, your work is stunning! Going to give that potato soup a try too sounds delicious!

I want to follow your blog but the Follow this blog isn't there? will try again if I can't I will add you manually with url.

Your etsy is divine too loving the turquoise and browns yummy, your art work is very very good too.

~Buffy x x

Graceful Moments said...

Hi, I think your rings turned out well, especially for the first time tyring!
A friend of mine started a team on etsy for metalsmiths. Didn't know if you were aware of it but it's called Metalsmiths in Action or MSIA. Her shop name is Kellirene.
Just thought I'd mention it in case you didn't know about it. They are metalsmiths at all levels - beginners to advanced.

Mrsfatface said...

Thank you so much Bev. Just wanted to try something else. Have not had time to work on it anymore lately. I want to try out some different shapes.

Mrsfatface said...

Thanks everyone for all your sweet comments. Also thanks for the team referral Graceful Moments!

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