Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dog Surgery

My dog had surgery yesterday. He had scratched his ear and busted a couple of blood vessels on his ear flap which resulted in a rather large pocket of blood and stuff. He went to the vet and got a drainage tube put in and micro-chipped. He is doing somewhat better. Took quite a long time for the pain meds to wear off though. They also cut his nails while he was under. We do not cut his nails because it is very painful for him. So his ear is hurting, his nails, and his back from the chip. Hopefully he will be back to normal soon.


Camera Girl said...

I hope he gets better soon! He's so cute!

thewildhare said...

Poor Puppy! He is too sweet for all this hurting!

5erg said...

I hope he will be alright soon! He loos so cute :)