Monday, October 27, 2008

Awesome Find!

So I was browsing around this sort-of consignment shop and found this fabulous set of dishes. I am hoping they are depression glass (not quite sure how to tell) but will love them just the same if not. This is a 6 piece Snack Set (that is what it was labeled) and comes with six plates and six little mugs. These are gorgeous clear green glass and actually quite heavy. I have never seen a set like this. There is a little indented area on the plate to hold your mug. So if you are at a little party and having appetizers and punch these would be perfect! We all know how hard it is to eat and hold your drin! ! k at the same time if not sitting! No chips, cracks or anything. I really love these and the price was a steal. I have a small china collection that started with Wedgewood china. Still waiting for the nice china cabinet to display them all in though.

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